application area应用领域


电视机前框(边框) Front frame (frame) of television

ABS+15%玻纤 ABS+15% of glass fiber

PC+10%玻纤 PC+10% of glass fiber

高光耐刮 ABS High-gloss scratch-resistance ABS

高光PC/ABS合金 High-gloss PC/ABS alloy

显示屏内框 Inner frame of display screen

PC+10%玻纤 PC+10% of glass fiber

电视机底座 Television stand

HIPS阻燃 HIPS flaming retarding

ABS阻燃 ABS flaming retarding

PC/ABS阻燃 PC/ABS flaming retarding

显示器中框 Middle frame of displayer

PC/ABS+15%玻纤 PC/ABS+15% of glass fiber

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