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荣誉资质(Honor and qualification)

卡帝德主要研发、生产、销售塑料色母、塑料增韧剂以及各种改性工程塑料。公司技术力量雄厚,不断推出新产品投放华东市场,赢得广大客户的认可。IS09001 :2008质量管理体系、ISO14001环境体系、TS16949 : 2009汽车管理体系认证的通过,大大提高了产品品质保证能力。公司长期致力于自主研发各种高性能的塑料新材料,并拥有多项国家授权发明专利。

Cartide mainly develops, produces and sells plastic masterbatches, plastic tougheners and various modified engineering plastics. The company has strong technical force, and constantly launches new products into the East China market, winning the recognition of our customers. The certification of IS09001:2008 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental system and TS16949:2009 automobile management system has greatly improved the ability of product quality assurance. The company has long been committed to independent research and development of various high-performance plastic new materials, and has a number of national authorized invention patents.

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