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企业文化(Corporate culture)




Pursue the material and spiritual happiness of all employees; Create value for partners; Promote green development and build a better life
Create high profits for employees and partners, create a family culture, and enhance employee happiness; Attach importance to the relationship with partners, and create value through cooperation; Uphold the concept of green environmental protection, promote the recycling of renewable resources, and promote the harmonious coexistence between enterprises and the natural environment.




Become the most trusted customer, industry first-class plastic material service provider
       Continuously create new value for customers; Provide high quality products and services professionally and reliably; Become the most trusted partner of customers.


诚信拼搏 处事诚实、实事求是、信守承诺;付出不亚于任何人的努力。

创新高效 不断创造,不断改进,精益求精,有质有量、完成任务、减少浪费、提高效率

协作责任 互相配合、实现目标;有承担错误的信心和勇气、正直不回避问题,愿意作出困难的决策,视改善现状为已任。

Honesty and hard work :Honesty, seeking truth from facts, keep promises; As hard as anyone.
       Innovation and efficiency :Continuous creation, continuous improvement, excellence, quality and quantity, complete tasks, reduce waste, improve efficiency
       Collaboration responsibilities :cooperate with each other to achieve goals; Have the confidence and courage to take mistakes, have the integrity to not shy away from problems, and are willing to make difficult decisions, seeing it as their duty to improve the situation.

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